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Lisciandro Wellness LLC is owned by Kelly Lisciandro, MS. I am a coach for the program SHAPE ReClaimed. My role is to coach my clients through this program. I am a certified practitioner and a client. SHAPE has changed my life. I have more clarity and energy than I ever have.  My biggest win is the way I feel. My outward change and weight loss are an added benefit. I have changed everything about me from the inside out.  I have learned that food IS medicine.

I have so much passion about this program hence becoming YOUR coach. I want to help my clients on this path to health and wellness. I am not just YOUR coach but will do the program beside you, cheerleading all the way! I want YOU to feel like I do. 

My Story

I have struggled with my weight since I was 24. I had a miscarriage with my husband and was automatically placed on Depo-provera, a long acting progesterone intramuscular contraceptive. My weight and appetite increased fast and furious. I wasn't menstruating anymore and had ease of mind after a traumatic miscarriage. I remember people at work asking me what was wrong with me, why I was gaining so much weight. I didn't know back then and my doctor didn't care. My thyroid has been checked so many times over the years. I have normal thyroid function. 

Weight is a hormonal issue. I think we, as women especially, want our thyroids checked because there has to be something wrong. We try so hard to lose weight but can't.  Most women who are overweight especially after the age of 40 have difficulty losing weight despite starving themselves and exercising. Hence, all the crazy diets and the yo-yo effect. We lose a little then gain A LOT when we think it is safe to EAT again.

 I know now with my experience with SHAPE ReClaimed, that all I needed was the hormonal supplement along with a well laid out, easy to follow nutritional program. 

The drops consist of bovine hypothalamus, pituitary, and beta HcG. These are part of the endocrine system! Hormones.  The combination of the drops and the nutritional program lead to healing with anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and immune enhancing effect. 

I say "my story" but it is our story. This honestly is the easiest thing my son and I have ever done. 70 lbs melted off of my 14 year old, now 16 year old son. I lost 30 lbs in 10 weeks and much more in inches. But, he and I feel wonderful. Looking good is the side effect.

Letting Go

Abandon all the things that you hate about your body and health. Our plan solves all the problems that most people who want to change face. 

Improve Your Life

Live your life how you want to through our plan.


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